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About Us

    Nantong Hengxin New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, which has the right of self import and export. In the past twenty years we have been concentrating on developing, producing and selling biodegradable packaging materials and products, aluminum plastic film , antistatic film, conductive film, needle textile clothing and so on. As a leading enterprise in the domestic biodegradable packaging industry,Nantong Hengxin New Material Co., Ltd. is a national standard drafting unit for biodegradable materials, and we have applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for 15 invention patents. The products are qualified by SGS/ITS/TUV physical and chemical test and conform to EU ROHS directive. Through DlN CERTCO biodegradation certification, biodegradable materials and products can be completely broken down into water, carbon dioxide and organic matter in 180 days under the condition of industrial composting, with no toxic residues produced during the degradation process. The design, development and production of products is certified by the ISO9001-2015 quality management system. Our growth is driven by innovation, and it benefits from focusing on creating value for customers. We have been helping our customers by providing product innovation, reducing total cost, ensuring supply safety and improving supply chain efficiency. We have an opportunity to become a leader in the industry by focusing on product development and technological innovation that helps the environment. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, Hengxin New Material constantly upgrade ourselves and break away from the production plant of ordinary packaging materials, and into innovative technology enterprises that can provide comprehensive solutions for green environmental protection and new materials for society. We strive to provide customers with comprehensive, integrated value-added services and comprehensive technical solutions. From the beginning of the product development, we adopt the concept of green environmental protection with products that originate from nature and return to nature, minimize the negative environmental impact in manufacturing. Our quality comes from determination and diligence.  We aim to provide a service that creates value! We will take the idea of sincere service, the tenet of customer care, and the insight of our partners and terminal consumers to carefully care for our only home, earth!